Hi there, and welcome to BeWell Business, I am really glad that you are here. Its safe to say that you have come to the right place to make your business support headaches dissapear. I have an international  career as an EA spanning well over 10 years and have been fortunate enough to work with some awesome clients along the way, ranging from TV production to corporate and Not-For-Profit organisations. I have many transferable skills that have developed as a result of my career as an EA. I pride myself on getting the job done and am naturally a creative, lateral thinker who is ready to work with you to achieve your business goals.

I would describe myself as curious, positive  and creative, I am here to make your life easy and get you back to doing what you do best - growing  your business. I strongly believe that hiring an assistant is the key to ensuring your time is used effectively as a leader. 

I value work life balance and believe that everyone deserves to have the same luxury.  I look forward to enabling you to achieve the same by taking the details off of your hands, allowing you to simplify your life. 

As well as being a high performing EA I am a Yoga Teacher in Auckland and wellness is at the top of my list to keep myself on an even keel. In my spare time you may find me at my local yoga studio teaching or attending a class or hosting workshops in my community. 

I am really looking forward to chatting to you and discovering how I can support you as you work towards your business goals. 

Talk Soon, Nina 

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